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Seeking Scholars, Artists & Presententing Participants

We invite:

  • Live presentations to be held as part of the The Festival for the Reinstatement of the Delphic Games 2022, May 22-28, with 60-90 minute presentations inspired by the Hellenic spirit of the Delphic Ideal in specific. Presentations will include but are not limited to: pre-juried material artists-in-residence with studio visits and artists conversations, scholarly papers or discussions, poetry readings, site specific presentations***, mythic ceremonies, workshops or performances of dance, music, theater and your unique offerings as they relate to the above. Video recordings of happenings from the active experiences during the week put forth will be compiled into a wrap up video at the end of our stay all related to moments from The Festival for the Reinstatement of the Delphic Games 2022.

  • Festival Presenters should be comfortable with presenting on their field of scholarship for a length of 30 minutes to 1.5 hours to an audience of professionals, performers, scholars, and students, among others. Use of audio and visual aids should be indicated and briefly described. The Delphic Preview Committee welcomes proposals for non-traditional, immersive experiences in classroom settings or out of doors, interactive seminars with engaging uses of interdisciplinary elements lending themselves to the energy of The Games.

Please Note: 

  • All Festival Presenters shall register and pay according to their rooming preference.  Please contact us to discuss pro-rating if you cannot or do not wish to attend the Festival in full.

  • No physical, i.e. dancing, or performative activities may be presented as workshop or seminar in Delphic archeological sites as mandated governmentally. 

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