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1.  To reactivate the Delphic Games, an historic tradition of immense, intrinsic value from antiquity with viability and relevance to the present time on its classical 4-year cycle.

2.  To signify the Delphic Ideal from its archetypal imprint at the foundation of vital human achievements for peace, culture and environmental awareness on planes mythological and actual.

3.  To establish a Festival in a spirit that honors excellence based on standards recollecting original, numinous properties inherent in art, mythos, sport and philosophical inquiry.

4.  To bring ideas into action leading to collaborative creative output on the Parnassian ground of the Muses, the historic site of timeless creative inspiration and motivation. 

5.  To support and re-energize Delphi  as a sacred, living center of ecumenism,  with its people, treasured sites and natural wonders.

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