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The Delphic Ideal
Young Laureate Program

In tandem with The Festival of the Delphic Games, The Delphic Ideal Young Laureate Program will be comprised of 5 days and 6 nights of merging Duncan’s ‘School of Life’ to the Delphic Ideal, forging generational continuity in leadership training, highlighting beauty, strength, freedom, goodness, and truth. The Delphic Games, second only to the Olympic Games, uniquely united sport to art, music, dance, poetry, theater and song. Bearing lasting import to everyday life via parallel practice of tutelage and mentorship, the acknowledgment and cultivation of art and ideas in adult and youth leaders will burgeon via IDII’s unique canonic merging of arts and humanities to the body from foundational models in the ancient world.


for ages 14-22

“During their sports, in the playing fields, during their walks or in the woods,  [they] run and jump naturally...expressing themselves by movement as easily as by song or word.” - ID



“School of Life”

Based on Duncan’s “School of Life,” the academic seminars of the week will be an inspirational and engaging lens into the heart and soul of Greece’s intellectual inheritance. Courses will be framed around Plato’s famous Definitions and the eternal wisdom they continue to carry to life today, emphasizing values and virtues. Students will listen, dialogue, recite, and be spurred on to inquiry into ancient and eternal ideas with peers and adult leaders.

A Classical Education
in situ

“a Divine Philosophy”

Merging the realms of mind, body and soul, the ‘Greek Ideal’ of the scholar, athlete, poet is

manifested by the students who mine from within and from the great thinkers of antiquity the

lasting brilliance of the ancient past vital to everyday life.


1. To participate in an historic tradition of immense, intrinsic value from the Classical past relevant today.


2. To bring together the separate energies of the performing arts and sport as a blueprint for an ethos of ‘idea into action’ for life.


3. To honor the excellence of mind, body and spirit found in the merging of competition and artistry uniquely native and alive within the Delphic Games.


4. To value the body as a precious vessel and repository of imagination and intelligence leading to freedom.


5. To uphold the values of the ‘Delphic Ideal’ and trace its imprint through time as a solid foundation in our shifting world.


6. To dive into the mystery of one’s personal myth and discover its meaning and direction.


7. To set the course for right action with transformative potential to enact change.


8. To return with an indelible spark of the Delphic flame illumined in us forever and bearing lasting ideals.

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