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Charting 2022

“The Delphic Spirit”

Looking to the Festival of the Delphic Games 2022, the relevance of the ‘individual’ alongside the ‘other’ in an increasing collectivist world shall be broached adjacent the maxim to Know Thyself, written indelibly upon the Temple of Apollo at Delphi.  As  if stopping by Castilian waters of refreshment and purification to reach beyond present human dilemmas in a “ Delphic Spirit,” we ready ourselves to ask questions born of individual impetus to seek answers redemptive of collective yearnings. Collaborating across diverse spaces from inner-knowing to outer realization, shall be process akin the driving force of the Delphic Maxims. We invite presenters excellent in their practices, concepts, and expressions, and some with the capacity to build bridges with local and global communities while sharing their unique strengths in response to this theme.

The Committee for the Reinstatement of the Delphic Games invites dynamic proposals on the topic of “The Delphic Spirit”  from artists, scholars, graduate students, fellows and specialists in the areas of Material Culture, Classical Studies, Movement, Myth, Poetry, Philosophy, Theatre, Sport, the Pythian/Olympic traditions and allied Greek topics, to present to a varied population during the next Festival to be held in Delphi, Greece in 2022, in lecture, expository demonstration, seminar, workshop or archaeological site visit format throughout Delphi and natural environs. 


As the sacred Delphic tradition included events predominantly in the arts as well as sports, the forthcoming Festival will focus on the convergence of Greek ideas, art and myth, and their underlying principle of  ‘idea into action'. Presentations, roundtable discussions and committee meetings will move  from the theme and cover mythic, philosophical, artistic, cultural and historical subjects, aimed at providing a comprehensive view of ancient Delphi’s importance as the “navel of the world” and as a perennial topos for ecumenism. The festival will also feature live world-class performances and intensive workshops by renowned artists on the merging of dance, music, drama, poetry and song, as inspired by the venerable tradition of the Delphic Games and the rich mytho-history of Delphi.

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