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Venice Carnevale

Guided, luxury travel revelling in the culture and festive events of the inimitable, La Serenissima, Venice, Italy 
February 26 to March 3, 2025

Join us for a uniquely guided tour highlighting the season of Carnevale at its pitch of reverence and revelry through choice experiences at iconic and little-known enclaves. The days are comprised of exclusively tailored cultural talks and walks, inaugural events, luncheons and musical performances as well as private balls through the esteemed, members only Associazione Internazionale per il Carnevale di Venezia, noted for its rekindling of the ancient festival of Carnevale. Framing the entire journey will be the sumptuous 5 -night stay at the luxury, 5-star palazzo on the Grand Canal, Ca’ Sagredo, adorned with its Venetian-Gothic facade, Baroque adornments and naturally intoxicating aura of past and present.

Led by Jeanne Bresciani, PhD

Kress Fellow in the History of Art & Museumship

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Che bella!

Luxury Tour Includes:

◆ Luxury, 5-star accommodations for 5 nights ◆ Invitation only, gala afternoon and evening balls  
◆ Select transportation by private water taxi  ◆ Traditional craft atelier experiences with premiere artisans of Venice 
◆ Exclusive music & dance performances and rare events within private palazzi ◆ Daily artisanal breakfast
◆ Festive dinners ◆ Richly laden luncheons ◆ Dolce & Aperitivo moments 
◆ Guided cultural excursions orchestrated in the company of Venetian taste-makers 

A Sampling of Iconic Moments
From Years Past


Enter the city of dreams received into luxury at the 5-star accommodation of Ca’ Sagredo in the early afternoon. After refreshing, we shall convene in an intimate lounge of L'Incontro where a special libation with signature Venetian cicchetti delights as we orient to this foray into the Venetian cultural imagination with Jeanne Bresciani and the Serenissima Circle Host Committee. Later, we set off into the night to enter the quintessence of Carnevale di Venezia donning extraordinary attire to experience our first seasonal ball at Scuola Grande di San Giovanni Evangelista. In chambers rare to visitation and holding epochal work by Bellini, Carpaccio, and Perugino, we step back and bear witness to the 1,100 year reign of the Republic of Venice, 'Queen of the Adriatic', as we dine and dance. Carnevale costume or similar is required.

Elegant Title


Details and Registration
Luxury Cultural Tour: Coming soon!

Registration Dates:
Initial $1,500 deposit.
Based on double occupancy, single supplement at extra cost. 
Airfare not included. Itinerary subject to change.​
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“My own, My beautiful, My only Venice...this is Breath!” 

Lord Byron



To enter Carnevale in costume is to experience the past enlivened in glittering allure today. Discover more about luxury costume rentals.

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