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For Carnevale some guests may wish to rent in lieu of making or having their own costumes made. Attempt to reserve as soon as possible since costumes are often booked in great advance and subject to availability.

Sumptuous and Traditional

Nicolao Atelier


Email for private clients:

Phone: +39 041-5207051

Address: Cannaregio 2590 (10 min. walk from Hotel Ca’ Sagredo)

At Nicolao Atelier, expert hands cut and sew precious and exclusive fabrics that add to the original vintage cuts an accent to the trade of historical tailoring. Opera, drama, ballet, film and television are among the stages that exhibited Nicolao's excellence to the world. The Atelier offers a journey through the centuries in costumes, more than 10,000 complete with linen, silk and velvet, accessories, hats and cloaks, displayed in the elegant spaces of the atelier within the historic center of Venice where the garments are produced. 

Avant-garde and Glamorous

Alessio Benetti


Email for private clients:

Phone: +39 349 87 44 274

Address: During Carnevale - Hotel Ca’ Sagredo (Campo Santa Sofia 4198)

Alessio and his accomplished workshop are the premier choice of veteran Carnevale patrons and the award-winning General Manager of Hotel Ca’ Sagredo, Lorenza Lain, and her international guests. New meets old in exquisite meshings of fabric to metallic jewel counterparts in men's and women's wear dazzling the wearer and beholder in every kind of light. Their annual Carnevale atelier is situated adjacent the lobby of our exquisite hotel combining the utmost convenience with the preeminent couture of festival.

Baroque and beyond



Email for private clients:

Phone: +39  041721102

Address: Calle dei Nomboli, San Polo 2800, 30125 Venezia - Italia

Costume is seen and felt as dedicatory fanfare in celebration of Carnevale di Venezia from the Dall’ Osto family and Tragicomica Atelier forever committed to safeguarding the city’s cultural lifeblood in their preeminent ongoing conservation of the vital artistry, pageantry and heritage elaborated in iconic multidimensional festival experience. Handmade in their studio with a particular eye toward Venetian detail, offerings range from: the iconic Commedia dell'Arte characters like Pulcinella; to 18th century panache; to glorious military ensembles; to all encompassing garments and guises of concealment.

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