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Our Presenters


Jeanne Bresciani

Founding Chair of the Festival

Artistic Director, Isadora Duncan International Institute

Jeanne Bresciani, M.A., Kress Fellow in Art History, M.A., Fulbright Scholar in Dance, I.M.A. in Archetypal Psychology/Laban Studies, Ph.D., the main protégée of Maria Theresa Duncan, adopted daughter of Isadora Duncan, serves as Artistic Director for the Isadora Duncan International Institute ( Her influence includes the development as Faculty at New York University of the first accredited Duncan training programs in the US, to follow in Asia and Europe realigning Duncan studies on a par with the great traditions and festivals of the West in performance at ancient sites as those in Greece, where she serves as the Founding Chair of The Festival for the Reinstatement of the Delphic Games in conjunction with the Delphic Ecumenical Union; and in Italy within the ongoing development of Carnevale di Venezia  and the Serenissima Circle. Jeanne is the recipient of awards including The “Tenth Muse” Golden Award 2016 Granted by the Universal Delphic Union and the Honorable Panos J. Kaltsis. Her stages have encompassed four continents and include Lincoln Center, The British Museum, The Joyce Theatre and archaeological sites throughout Greece & Sicily, to name a few.


Mary DiSanto-Rose

Mary DiSanto-Rose is an Associate Professor and joined the Skidmore faculty in 1981. She earned her M.Ed. and Ed.D. in dance from Temple University. It was gratifying for her to have been the Director of the Dance Program from 1990-2005 and to continue as Chair of the newly formed Dance Department from 2005-2009.Dr. DiSanto-Rose specializes in reconstructing classic modern dance works of the early 20th century. She has re-staged works by Doris Humphrey, Charles Weidman, José Limón, Sophie Maslow, Pearl Primus, Donald McKayle, and Isadora Duncan. She has taught Dance & Society I (1700-1960) & II (1960-present), Improvisation, Modern Reconstruction Workshop, Modern Dance Technique, Dance for the Child, Senior Dance Capstone, as well as, a First-Year Scribner Seminar – Human Dilemmas.Earlier in her career she performed with the Sybil Dance Company of Philadelphia and with Albany area dance companies. She has collaborated with visual artists and composers to create integrated performance pieces for art galleries. She currently co-directs and performs as a guest artist with the Isadora Duncan International Institute Dancers of NYC. She was a partner with the IDII Pre-Olympic Dance Tour in 2004, the “Festival for the Reinstatement of the Delphic Games” in 2005, and the “Apollo and the Muses Sacred Topographies” tour within archaeological sanctuaries in 2009 – all on Greek terrain. She has co-produced with Jeanne Bresciani, Artistic Director of IDII performances at the 92nd Street Y Harkness Dance Center in NYC; at the Kaatsbaan International Dance Center in Tivoli, NY; and on tour in Greece and France.


Gary DiSanto-Rose

Dr. DiSanto-Rose is a Fellow in the Academy of General Dentistry.

In 1987 he received a certificate from Long Island University for orthodontic studies and has continued his orthodontic training with the International Association for Orthodontics (IAO) in which he has remained an active member and attained the IAO Fellowship Award in 1997. In 2011, he completed the IAO Instructors Institute and presently is a senior instructor teaching the IAO New England 1st year orthodontic program. . Dr. DiSanto-Rose is also a member of the Fourth District Dental Society of the State of New York, the American Dental Association (ADA), the American Academy of Physiologic Medicine and Dentistry,  and the Foundation for Airway Health. He has been the area chairman of the “National Children’s Dental Health Month”, and “Give Kids a Smile Day” programs sponsored by the ADA. Through his affiliation with the Fulton County Department of Public Health Dental Clinic, he has served the dental needs of area children for over 30 years. He has also done foreign dental mission trips to Colombia and Guatemala and has volunteered in the NYS Dental Foundation's Mission of Mercy Program. His hobbies include percussion instruments and photography. He enjoys summer and winter outdoor activities with his wife, Mary, and their two children.


Vince Gagliardi

THE NENT : Vince Gagliardi is a 3D artist and musician whose gradient dream-like aesthetic is rooted in a passion for broken ambient textures and eerie field recordings which he has gathered over the past fifteen years with the drive of documenting emotional stages of life.

The contact with music rekindled with the start of his audiovisual project The Nent, in which live percussions are combined to trigger sound and image in synesthetic fashion. The mix of dark ritual rhythm and surreal visual imagery challenge abstract connections that may occur in the perceiver’s mind at the flash of the seen and the heard.

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Bijender Goel

Mr. Bijender Goel is a multifaceted person who has worked in sports administration, politics, disaster management, and martial arts.He was a former Special Representative (Minister of State) for the Government of Jharkhand, India; a former adviser to the Hon'ble Union Labour and Employment Minister, Government of India; and was attached to Smt. Pratibha Devi Singh Patil, former President of India, during her presidential campaign. He was the previous treasurer of India's Haryana Olympic Committee. He was also the Chairman of the National Council on Disaster Management for the Associated Chamber of Commerce and Industry of India, and he was the General Secretary of the National Council for Small Traders in India. He is the Founder and Managing Trustee of the International Pythian Council, Delphic India Trust, Pythian Council of India, and the Indian Delphic Council, as well as the Founder of "Modern Pythian Games". He considers the arts, culture, and technology to be a vehicle for social transformation as well as a source of growth and equality. He is working to bring about a revolution in society through the arts and the preservation of culture. He aims to help our environment, security and safety, and educational system by bringing new technologies. Under the banner of "Modern Pythian Games," he has the vision to bring arts and cultural activities from the unorganized to the organized sectors. Inspired by the history of the ancient Pythian Games, he is in the process of transforming the sentiments of people for artisans into a global cultural movement to benefit all artisans. In a short time span of 6 months, he has created a worldwide structure for "Modern Pythian Games," and has already acquired entry into more than 100 nations in a short time span of 6 months. In ancient Greece, the Olympics and the Ancient Pythian Games were both held in parallel. He was recently invited to speak in a special session on "Modern Pythian Games" on April 7th, 2022 in Delphi, Greece, by the Delphi Economic Forum, which acknowledged the global cultural movement for the Modern Pythian Games that he initiated and founded. During his visit, many artists and the Greek Writers Association praised him for coming up with such a lovely idea as the Modern Pythian Games. In view of the possibility of major earthquakes of magnitude 8 or more in the Himalayan Region and the possible loss of human lives, infrastructure, and economic growth, he is also known for introducing technology for onsite early warning of earthquakes in South Asia. The solution has already been used by the National Disaster Response Force and the government of Haryana in India.

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Marina Gonta

My name is Marina Gonta, coming from Greece, I hold a Master Degree in French Literature and a PhD in Art History from the University of Sorbonne. I also hold a translation and interpretation certification from the Rectorat de Marseille. I taught French and Art History at the secondary level and higher education respectively. I speak fluent Greek, French and Italian. I have worked with a delegation from the French Parliament in the program: “Jachere”. I am a member of UNESCO, ICOMOS and scientific associate of “Transformation”, which aims to promote noble emotions arising from the Art and Culture and has made efforts to establish the U.N, October the 23rd as a Day of Respect to the fellow-being. I have also collaborated with a number of recognized Artists in Greece as well as abroad and have edited very important exhibitions as Osten Biennial of drawing Scopje, and Bibart Biennale Internationale d’ Arte di Bari, also an e-exhibition (due Covid-19) in Japan during the Tokyo Olympic Games. In all the above I organized the participation of artworks that promote the Values of Greek Culture.

IMG_9961 (1).jpg

Bettina Joy de Guzman

Bettina Joy de Guzman is a multi-instrumentalist and Classicist, composing with replica ancient music instruments and ancient poetry, based on research. She has performed for National Archaeological Museum in Athens, among other universities and international organizations.  She has taught ancient languages, history, and mythology. As President of California Classical Association South, she organizes panels twice a year. She is co-creator and host of Cosmote TV, History Channel, “Ancient Greek Culture, Now!” which aired January 2021 in Greece. She is a 2021 Associate and Grant recipient, and Visiting Artist, for The Center for Hellenic Studies at Harvard University. 


Panagiotis Kaltsis

Co-Chair of the Festival

Mayor Emeritus, Delphi, Greece

Panos J Kaltsis born and lives in Delphi, Mayor of Delphi  2003-2011. Founding member of the committee revives the  Symposium of the 7 Wise Men Vice-President European Environment Committee ΄΄Sauvez  Delphes ΄1978-1990. Member of the Board of Directors the European Cultural Center 2004-2008. Founder and president of Ecumenical Delphic Union, with the aim of reviving the Global Good ‘’Delphic Pythians Games΄΄ activating the World Delphi Citizens at the triptych Culture, Peace, Environment. Livelihoods, manages the Family Tourism Enterprise Iniochos S A with a new innovative product Delphi Dream House for well being.


Vassilis Karasmanis

Department of Humanities and Social Science, National Technical University, Zografou Campus​

Professor of Philosophy, National Technical University of Athens – Greece. He is specialized in Ancient Philosophy, Ancient Science (mainly mathematics) and Philosophy of Technology. Other interests: Environmental Philosophy, Cultural Studies. He has published three books and edited other seven. He has also published 48 articles in various philosophical journals.


He has been twice head of his Department, President of the Greek Philosophical Society (2010-12), Director of the European Cultural Centre of Delphi (1994-2004), member of the Editorial Board of three philosophical journals and President of the European Society for Ancient Philosophy (2001 – 2012).


Paris Katsivelos

Paris (Paraskevas) Katsivelos is a Greek Actor, Director, and Professor of the Dramatic Arts. He comes from the island of Thassos, Greece. He studied Acting, Directing, Stage Design – Costume design, Monody - Melodramatics, Kinesiology - Choreography, and Scenic Art. For more than four decades, he has taught Acting, Education of Speech, Improvisation, Specialized Dramatic Art Workshops, Special Dramatic Art Retraining Seminars for professional Actors, in Higher Schools of Dramatic Art, Theatrical Workshops, and at Universities in Greece and abroad. He is a tenured professor at the European Institute of Communication (ECI), Austrian University D.U.K. and the NTUA (National Technical University of Athens), at the master's program “Quality Journalism and New Technologies,” where he teaches his own section “Education of Quality Communication – Dramatics for Communicators.” 

He has played characteristic roles in twenty-nine theatrical and forty-three TV productions. He has participated in four motion pictures and several serial or one-off radio shows. He has been a permanent Announcer, Radio and Music Editor of the radio broadcasts of the Ministry of Rural Development for thirty years. He is an Honorary Doctor of the Academy of Education and Sciences of Ukraine and a Doctor of Practical Philosophy and Philosophy of Sciences W.PH.F. University (USE, UNO). He is the Chairman and VP of the Organising Committee of the World Philosophical Forum, Responsible for the Development of Culture and Intercultural Dialogue and a permanent speaker at it. For the World Philosophical Forum, he is also: World Ambassador of Peace, World Ambassador of Good and Light, Ecumenical Ambassador of Intellect and Arts, Citizen of the World.


Lena Kyropoulos

She is a member of the Association of European Journalists and Secretary General of the Audit Committee. She is studying for a Master’s degree in Quality Journalism and New Technologies at the European Institute of Communication. In 2020 became a business partner with John Aslanis in a B2B business platform. In 2021, the book of her 1st poetry collection entitled “Tetraktys” -a collection of poems and songs- was published by OnTime Books in Great Britain. She has participated in the International Art Exhibition of Damascus, representing the Greek participation, among 5 Continents. She has been honored with the 8th place among 647 writers and poets from 47 countries in all the Balkans and became the Ambassador at the Eurovision of poetry for Greece. She has been included in the golden Encyclopedia of Literature by Ch. Patsis with 3 of

her works.

In 2020, she was awarded the honorary title of Ambassador of the Ecumenical Delphic Union and joined the International Delphic Commission as a media representative and general secretary. In 2020, the Anthology of Short Stories was published by HEN KOMOTINI with the title: “I saw the fear”. She participates in the Board of Directors of the Association “OLYMPOS - Universal Intellectual Center” for the period 2021 - 2026, with the participation of distinguished professors and academics who serve the realization of the “TRILOGY - HEPTAPOLIS”. She was honored in 2020 as part of the Panorama International Literature Festival 2020 held in India as an honorary member of the International Committee and has taken on the role of International Advisor to the World Writers Foundation. Her texts have been published in Approved English Journals, as well as on Indian, Italian and German sites and publications. In addition to her writing career, she has participated as a speaker in media conferences, but has co-organized the 21st Media Conference in collaboration with 10 countries with the expatriate platform the Canadian Film & Media University in



Zoie Lafis

Co-Chair of the Festival

Executive Director, Harvard University's Center for Hellenic Studies

Zoie Lafis serves as Executive Director at the Center for Hellenic Studies in Washington, DC, since 1996. She studied Political Science and Economics at Wellesley College in Wellesley, MA, and before her appointment at CHS she worked for the National Museum of Women in the Arts as an administrator. As the CHS US Executive Director she works closely with the CHS US Faculty Director and bridges the administrative structure and everyday operation of the CHS with the main Harvard campus, making sure that the Center stays consistent with the University guidelines and policies, and that the University may remain aware of the Center’s needs and the development of new projects both in Washington and in Greece. At the same time, she is coordinating all program Managers and Coordinators of the Center, while supporting and monitoring planning and implementation of various CHS programs. She develops exhibitions at the CHS Washington campus to explore material culture as a means of expression and to promote the value of creative interpretations of the ancient world. Her interests include visual and performing arts, which Zoie practices through painting and dance.


Edouard Lestournelle

Growing up in a culturally rich and open-minded environment, Edouard received an education that led to a quest for the meaning of life. From an early age he was interested in the arts, sciences, the mysteries of life, relationships and health, which he has never stopped studying while exploring different professions in these fields. The attraction for arts and in particular dance has been a revelation since very fast, and wonderful experiences and encounters have allowed him to live also from performing arts within different companies (dance, circus, theater). He likes to participate in masterclasses of great companies or dancers of great renown, to participate in various projects in different countries, especially in partnership with Les Studios Actuels de la Danse, the Isadora Duncan International Institute, Ballets de Monte Carlo, Lario Ekson, additional dance companies and local communities. 


He discovered very young a predisposition for massage, which he would practice throughout his life. After a few years of high level sports practice, he will become a sports educator, specialized in therapeutic practice of physical activity. His studies in natural medicine, various therapeutic massage techniques, posturology, fascia science, neuroscience and education sciences have led him to accompany and train individuals and groups in their development towards an integrative well-being, in communication, stress management, in the development of self-knowledge, physical and cognitive autonomy and free will. Today he works for a very innovative wellness center, he is also a freelance functional coach, a certified life coach (graduate of the American University of St. Louis), continues to train and especially to learn about himself. 


Elena Michailou

Executive Director - teaches Carl Orff music and movement education, Child & Parents Class and Creative Movement for adultsElena Michailou was born in Stockholm, studied dance (State School of Orchestral Art & Morianova), music (higher theory - Harmony Specialist, Philippos Nakas Conservatory), pedagogy (Pedagogical Institute of Athens) and primitive expression-DRLST CID/Danse Rythme Lien Social et Therapie training program-network of dance therapists through rhythm & International Dance Council). She is one of the most active music educators in Greece, specializing in music-movement/dance education (Carl Orff Graduate Course of Studies in Music-Movement/Dance Education at the Moraitis School) and the Orff Institute at the Mozarteum in Salzburg. She has attended numerous training courses in movement, dance, contact improvisation, dance therapy, vocal training, and special needs education.


 She has presented lectures and workshops in Greece and abroad, such as Delphic Games, Columbia University, Village Community School, Trevor School and Skidmore College New York, American Orff Association, Hellenic Center London. Head of the music and movement education departments of the Municipality of Markopoulou 2006 - 2010 and at the theatre workshop of Periaktoi 2005-2008. She has also taught at the Ziridis Schools, the Municipal Conservatory of Lamia, the experimental all-day primary school of Lavrio, ΒΒΕΜ, schools in Attica, the Cyclades and Crete, and has collaborated with the Hellenic Pedagogical Institute, the Moraitis School, the National Opera of Greece, the Niarchos Foundation and the Isadora Duncan Institute in New York.


Stratis Panourios

A professional Theatre and Filmmaker, Actor and Author. He has written plays, short stories, poetry, essays and screenplays for the cinema. He studied film directing at the University of Greenwich, London – New York College Athens and theatre directing and acting at the National Theater of Greece. He has directed more than 50 theatre performances and many short films, inside and outside of the borders of Greece. Has also collaborated with a diverse range of major theatres across the world and some of these include the National Theatre of Greece, The National Theatre of China and The Theatrical Organization of Cyprus.

He runs 1st Theatre Workshop, by the National Theatre of Greece in collaboration with Korydallos Prison in Athens and Anti – Crime Policy since 2016. Presented ‘The Tempest‘by William Shakespeare, inside the Athenian prison in 2017, Ward No. 6 by Anton Chekhov 2018, Glengarry glen Ross by David Mamet 2019. The Persians by Aeschylus 2021 (work in progress) He teaches Applied Theatre at the National and Kapodistrian Univeristy of Athens.

Received the award from the international English magazine “Acquisition International” for its entire work: “Business Excellence Winner – Theater Director of the Year 2018 – Greece” And also was a TEDxAthens speaker in 2017. Ηas written the book  “Shakespeare on Mars” published in English by OnTime Books UK, since February 2021

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Michalis Patentalis

Michalis Patentalis, born 1966 in Dusseldorf, studied Music Theory and Harmony, and Cultural Studies for European Culture. He is systemic therapist at the Hospital of Duesseldorf. He worked as a journalist and presenter of the program  "7 Days 7 Arts" at Proto – the first Greek broadcaster in Europe, as well as for the cultural magazines ZIPP, Indiana, Polis, Antilogos and many others. Since 2002 he is the Chairman of the Society of Greek Authors in Germany.  He writes in both, Greek and in German. His lyrics and many of his articles, poems and short stories have been published in newspapers and magazines and have been translated into several languages​​. As part of the contest Antonis Samarakis for young authors his story "Little Red Riding Hood  in the City"  was honored and currently the story is planned to be produced as a movie under the direction of S. Korexendidis by ERT television. His story  "The charming smile of Ann Ewill" was selected by director Aris Bafalukas as the basis for a screen play.


Christoph Quarch

Chair of Scholarship

Philosopher, best-selling author, speaker, Platonic & Hellenic scholar, companion and inspirer for enterprises

Dr. Christoph Quarch (*1964) is a philosopher, bestselling author and thinker. He advises companies, teaches at various universities and organizes philosophical journeys together with ZEIT-Reisen. With his podcasts, articles and numerous books, he reaches a wide audience throughout the German-speaking world. In doing so, he draws from the sources of European philosophy to find viable answers to the challenges of the 21st century. His major purpose is a well-grounded and advanced interpretation of human existence by which guidelines for a good and healthy life can be achieved. As for this he refers to different philosophical traditions from Plato and Aristotle up to Nietzsche and Heidegger. In 2019, the founded the New Platonic Academy ( to develop a new intellectual and spiritual paradigm for the digital age. Actual publication: The Great Yes. How to Unleash the Meaning of Live, Kindle 2021;


Jeffrey Segrave

Jeffrey O. Segrave is professor of health and human physiological sciences at Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, NY. He was awarded the David H. Porter Endowed Chair in 2005. His main area of scholarly interest lies in the socio-cultural analysis of sport; hence, he embraces an interdisciplinary approach that seeks to study sport at the intersections of history, sociology, and literature. His primary scholarly focus is on the history of the Olympic Games. He has published more 20 book chapters and more than 60 articles on sport in a wide variety of journals including the Journal of Olympic History, Olympika: The International Journal of Olympic Studies, Stadion: The International Journal of the History of Sport, and International Review for the Sociology of Sport. He has also published two anthologies on the Olympic Games—Olympism (1980) and The Olympic Games in Transition (1988) and lectured several times at the International Olympic Academy.

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Saia Tsaousidou

From 1986 until today I am working as Journalist in Greek daily newspapers, magazines, websites, TV programs and radios. My fields of expertise include European issues, Culture, Tourism, Health, Environment, Sustainability, Human rights, and Equality. As International President of the Association of European Journalists, I am responsible for the communication policy of AEJ in Europe and in Greece. Our organization holds the Journalistic awards for ethos and European Orientation “KONSTANTINOS KALLIGAS”.

My interests include working with students and groups of minorities, organizing seminars about European issues, media freedom, ethics, culture, tourism, health, environment, sustainability and equality.

Former Professor at a private school of journalism Freelance reporter for 35 regional newspapers all over the Greece.

Association of European Journalists, Int. President

Association of European Journalists, Greek Section, President


Editor in chief:

Hephaestus Wien Radio


Head of

Media Cluster, ICC Women Hellas

Communication, Centre for European Studies “Ioannis Kapodistrias”

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Vicky Tsianika

Vicky Tsianika is graduate journalist.  She has a degree from the EKPA National Kapodistrian University School of Philosophy, a Btec diploma “IN THERAPEUTIC COUNSELING” QCF and a postgraduate degree with honors from the University of Peloponnese School of Fine Arts, Department of Theatrical Studies in "THERAPEUTIC NARRATION". Since 1992 he has been publishing on ERT radios with speeches such as: • "KOSMOS 93.6 title The fairy tales of the world". • "Third program 90.90, title From the shell to the pearl". • "Voice of Greece the ERT world radio, title Dragons and Fairies" • "Athens9.84 entitled Both New and Strange". • "Communication municipal radio Heraklion Attica 9.41" for 10 consecutive years. She has written the scripts in 20 of her own that became proposals for documentaries produced by ERT, which she presented with the title "This is how Greeks celebrate". She has written two plays and published two fairy tales for older children and a poetry collection, as well as her scientific study "The Therapeutic Narrative in Cancer Patients" and her work in Tiryns Prison in collaboration with Ei. Melissinou with the title "It's a ball and it spins… .the weather has spins". She has been the editor-in-chief of Alter TV. She is a narrator in many TV documentaries. She teaches Interview Psychology, Expressive Writing, Communication, Therapeutic Narrative and Behavioral at Universities, Schools of Journalism and Directing, in theatrical workshops of Municipalities and Regions and at Art Symposia. She gives lectures and presents her work at conferences. Recently announced ambassador to the Hellenic Institute of Cultural Diplomacy.  


Dimitri Vassilakis

Chair of Music

Internationally acclaimed Greek saxophonist, vocalist, composer and educator with 4 award-winning albums for historic jazz label Candid Records

Dimitri Vassilakis an internationally acclaimed Greek saxophonist, vocalist, composer and educator with 4 award-winning albums for historic jazz label Candid Records. Born in Athens, he has recorded 5 albums for historic jazz label Candid Records based in London. Vassilakis has appeared all around the globe, notably in New York at Dizzy’ s Club - Jazz at The Lincoln Center, Birdland, Yale, Natural History Museum DC Smithsonian Institute, Jazz Showcase, Onassis Cultural Centre, London Jazz Festival Ronnie Scott’s and major festivals. He has taught at Yale, Queens, Skidmore, Columbia, DePaul, Georgia Tech, Paris Conservatoire, Singularity, Aristotle and Macedonia Universities, since 2017 adjunct faculty at the Athens University. Vassilakis is the founder and artistic director of Rhodes & South Aegean Jazz Festival that has become a sister festival with Bodrum Jazz Festival strengthening the artistic bond between the two countries presenting the international jazz scene.


Ravenna Wilde

Ravenna is a multi-cultural gypsy who has built a diversified career pursuing her passions from Europe to North-America. She studied classical theater at the Cours Florent in Paris, literature and theater at La Sorbonne, and Entertainment Business with an emphasis on script analysis at UCLA. She pieced together her training attending workshops in her fields of passion and interest (dance ( Duncan dance, belly dancing), and writing ( English, French, Spanish)), currently studying at the Isadora Duncan as a student of the Myth and Metaphor program, Royal Shakespeare Company, Guildhall school of Music and Drama.


Within a writing group sponsored by a grant from the California Art Council, her work was performed and showcased in over 10 theatrical productions in Los Angeles. Most recently, in Montreal, she participated in projects such as the North-American premiere of Worlds of Interior by choreographers Ana Boralho and João Galante and the Dust and Smoke program at Tangente Danse as part of Hugo Dalphon's Dans l'Idée de ne plus être Ici. Additionally, Ravenna has been performing her own spoken word pieces that include a rap about death and a manifesto about the sexual life of tomatoes to the delight of drunken, yet discriminate audiences.


She favors connecting to people and the universe by engaging the five senses, rather than having her experience curated by technology. Her aversion of social media drove her to write a slam that was published in Le Passeur magazine. With a keen sense and enjoyment of all that is festive, she knows how to join all kind of celebratory dances, and thoroughly enjoys collaboration with creators with a passion for live art.


Cynthia Word

Ms. Word has a Bachelor of Science from the University of Texas/Austin and began her professional Modern Dance training, with in-depth experience in the technique and choreography of Doris Humphrey and Jose Limon,  at the University of Illinois/Champaign-Urbana. In 1992 she received her Master in Fine Arts from The George Washington University/Department of Theater and Dance, where she served on the teaching faculty.  From 1990 to 2005, Word travelled throughout the United States and Europe as a teaching artist for the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts/Washington D.C. and the Wolf Trap Center for the Arts/Fairfax, Va.   In 2005, in the midst of her performing and teaching career, Ms. Word had the delightful surprise of discovering the technique and choreography of Isadora Duncan.  She immediately began intense study with Dr. Jeanne Brescianni, Director of the Isadora Duncan International Institute.  

Based in Washington, DC, Ms. Word is passionate about creating performance events that blend compelling story, live music, contemporary choreography and the classic dances of Isadora Duncan to provide engagement for audience members through many modalities. She has created and produced nine evening-length dance/theater productions since 2001. The most recent, “MOVE! Women’s Rights from Isadora Duncan to NOW”, was premiered March 3, 2020 at the Kennedy Center to sold out audiences.  MOVE! was scheduled for three more performances at the Women’s National Democratic Club/Washington DC, but, sadly, these performances were cancelled due to COVID.  Other recent productions include “Chambers of the Heart”, premiered in 2016 at the elegant and historical Josephine Butler Mansion.  It is an immersive dance/theater event exploring the many ways Love appears in our lives. “Once Wild: Isadora in Russia”, was awarded Outstanding Group Performance and Outstanding Media Design by Dance Metro D.C in 2013. In 2010 The Isadora Duncan International Institute awarded Ms. Word the prestigious Maria-Teresa Duncan Award for Excellence for the mix media theater/dance production “Preludes: Duncan, Sand & Chopin”. Ms. Word continues her dance studies with her mentor, Jeanne Bresciani, Director of the Isadora Duncan International Institute.

In addition to the larger dance/theater productions, Word Dance Theater presents numerous salons and immersive performance experiences at small, intimate spaces.

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